Just when we thought we were finally getting a break..along comes The Savage One.
Because EcoTalk is produced independently in the green Bay Area, far
from the not-so-green Apple, we have been renting space at a private
studio in SF to record the shows at considerable personal expense.

A_quake_frankenRecently, The Quake
(AAR’s SF affiliate), was nice enough to find us a free hour in one of
the Clear Channel Studios housed in the same building as KQKE, which
like many AA affiliates, is owned by CC.

Several weeks ago we finally
got to start taping the show (for free) at KQKE – just as we were
settling in after two shows, and about to tape the third (literally as
I was walking into the building), A_savage_mic_70_2I got a call on my cell phone from
our contact at KQKE – informing us, politely and with regrets – that
the studio would not be available that day and for the foreseable
future because Michael Savage decided he wanted to have that studio for
Oh really??? After my producer and I sped across town to keep
our taping time, once again back in the rented studio, we had a moment
to reflect. Ah, the indignity of being bumped by the right wing
hate-monger while we’re just trying to keep our costs downto bring a
little eco-enlightenment to America each week.

May he be burned by global warming.

Posted by Betsy