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Shane Owl-Greason: Green Tea Coalition

Shane2You may have heard about the recently launched Green Tea Coalition in Georgia. We'll meet one of the founders, Shane Owl-Greason, and hear about the revelations that led to the forming of this "unholy alliance" between Tea Party Patriots and solar-power loving environmentalists, including the Sierra Club. This development is a win-win for the environment and for politics NOT-as-usual as well as containing a template for other seemingly disparate issues and interests.


Charles Margules: Cancer Causing Chemicals in Shampoos

CocamideDEABefore you buy your next bottle of shampoo or conditioner learn how more than 100 hair products have been found to contain a carcinogen uncovered by The Center for Environmental Health. CEH spokesman Charles Margules gives us the dirt.


David Roberts: Good Bye For Now

Roberts-hopeposterDavid Roberts of tells why he's taking a year long sabbatical from his 24-7 climate coverage.

Alyssa Durnien: Occupy Sandy

Alyssa DurnienAlyssa Durnien is a survivor of Hurricane Sandy and field organizer for Occupy Sandy in New Jersey. Hear why it is outrageous that networks such as CNBC have an irresponsible approach to covering climate (or not)! 

Osprey Orielle Lake: Women’s Earth and Climate Summit

OspreyOsprey Orielle Lake gives us a preview of the upcoming Women's Earth and Climate Summit


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