Arctic2_nrdcOur guests today are:
NRDC Legislative Director Karen Wayland talks about the Senate’s decision to allow oil drilling in the National Arctic Refuge. Also read Orion.
Automakeradresponse2_1David Friedman, Research Director for the Clean Vehicles Program of the Union of Concerned Scientists explains why they are protesting a new ad campaign by the Auto Alliance (a trade group of 9 manufacturers) that claims that "autos manufactured today are virtually emission free". Meanwhile the manufacturers have filed a lawsuit to prevent California to promote stricter pollution standards.

Ev1_crushed_1_3Chelsea Sexton tells how GM has requested police protection to been rush the EV1s they still had in Burbank and move them to Arizona to crush them as fast as possible.A_burningstack1_2 Feel free to post your comment on GM’s blog.

Navis Bermudez, Clean Water Advocate with the Sierra Club
in Washington explains how the new mercury regulations are going backwards allowing power plants to continue polluting.  LISTEN to the whole program