At last the climate chaos long predicted by scientists and
environmentalists has hit U.S. shores in the form of high velocity Hurricane
Katrina – but it’s only a sign of whats to come, according to our guests.
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Johnrennie2 John Rennie is editor-in-chief of Scientific American, which predicted
the devastation in a 2001 article, Drowning New Orleans.
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And don’t miss their September issue, Crossroads for Planet Earth.

HurradarTom Knudson with NOAA speaks about his research about the impact of climate change on hurricanes.

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Mike_tidwell_imgBayoufarewell_2 Mike
, author of the prophetic 2003 book, Bayou Farewell tells us
why this cataclysmic event is another September 11th event that will either
make, or break, this country.

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Wisdomcover1_2Carl Mc Daniel is the author of Wisdom for a livable planet : it encapsulates what we need to learn to survive. Enjoy!

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