EcoTalk on San Francisco’s KCBS 740 AM
Now in its ninth year on the airwaves, EcoTalk is an award-winning
series of one-minute vignettes that focus on all aspects of a greener
lifestyle. This first-of-its-kind feature offers the latest on emerging
eco-trends with an emphasis on everyday tips for resource conservation,
energy efficiency, responsible consumption and waste reduction.
Veteran broadcast journalist Betsy Rosenberg’s compelling sound-bytes
connect the dots for listeners and make the case that environmental
protection is in the best interest of consumers, communities, and

EcoTalk on Air America Radio

Betsy Rosenberg also hosts an hour-long interview format edition of
EcoTalk on Air America Radio, the fastest growing network in radio
history. It’s the only nationally syndicated environmental program on
commercial radio today. Through conversations with today’s leading
environmental experts, authors, business leaders, and advocates – as
well as ordinary folks who are making an extraordinary environmental
difference – Rosenberg explores both persistent and emerging
environmental  challenges and solutions long before the mainstream
media are paying attention.

Voices of Leaders in Sustainability
EcoTalk’s emphasis is on the environmental impacts of  human activity
and the resulting impact on human, animal,  plant, and ecosystem health.
We offer practical alternatives
for more eco-conscious living, and bring the voices of leaders
in the sustainability movement to the listening audience. Recent guests include:

Environmental authors and activists
Robert Kennedy, Jr., Hunter Lovins,
John Stauber and T.A. Barrons;
Green business
Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, Yvon Chouinard,
founder of Patagonia, Inc., Jeffrey Hollender, founder and
CEO of 7th Generation, and Ray Anderson, founder and chairman
of Interface Carpets;

Fortune 500
Andy Acho, Worldwide Director of Environmental
Outreach and Strategy at Ford Motor Company and GM’s
Dave Barthmuss
Noted climate change experts Ross Gelbspan, and Bill McKibben, and scientists
Dr. Sandra Steingraber and Dr. Riki Ott;

Policy experts
Deb Callahan, President of the League of Conservation Voters,
Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Roland
Hwang, a senior policy analyst for the NRDC.