Northpolewasherecover_1 A special New York edition of our show, in honor of Earth Day and the release of Vanity Fair’s ‘Green Issue’. In our first half, Andrew Revkin, environment reporter for the NY Times, will join us to discuss his new book, The North Pole Was Here – Puzzles and Perils At The Top Of The World. He’ll share his impressions of the Arctic and some early manifestations of global warming.You’ll actually hear the sound of ice cracking below his feet! Listen Part (1) and Part (2) 

Vanity_fair_green_cover In our third segment we’ll meet the green gals behind ABC Home, a family-owned, Manhattan-based former carpet company that has expanded its product line and color range – getting deep into green! Founder Paulette Cole joins us, along with ABC’s Director of Social Responsibility, Amy Chender, to discuss what goes into an eco-friendly couch, carpet and company. LISTEN (14 min)

Cornfield_1 And in our partner’s corner, NRDC’s Daniel Hinerfeld reports on an L.A. restoration project: from Brownfields to Cornfields

LISTEN (4 min) (picture by hexod-us, thank you)