Our program comes out of New York this week so we’ll speak with state senator, Liz Krueger
who’s questioning mixed messaging behind a vote by her fellow New York
representatives to grant tax breaks to big oil companies while the
White House touts the benefits of renewable energy.
Politics turned to
parody this week as Prez Bush visited the Energy Department’s National
Renewable Energy Lab
that had just been eviscerated by budget cuts.
Several dozen laid off employees were quickly called back to perhaps
serve as examples of "renewable" energy sources?  So now that the
workers are back where will the money come from for any action?  NRDC‘s Jon Coifman weighs in.
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We’ll talk to several Californians about the new "Compact", a vow taken by several hundred people to not buy anything but essentials this year.
Co-founder annd schoolteacher Sarah Pelmas will share what she’s learned from this social experiment with commentary from another academic, Peter Sealey, a marketing professor at the Haas School of Business in Berkeley.
Lastly, a chat with Paolo Timoni, President and CEO of Vespa and two other motorized vehicle companies on how Americans can kick their oil habit by buying a scooter!